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I said I would never do this

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7th July 2009

11:01pm: In my next thirty years
Today was hard, really for no good reason. Work was lame, there wasn’t much to do but my boss took me out for lunch, and I left early. I went to pick up Ari thinking it was a date night and it wasn’t. I came home thinking that Pep would be here because he was sick last night and mentioned canceling his date. It’s been a big day of not-what-I-thought.

I hate birthdays, no I don’t know why, they always seem wrong. Maybe they remind me that I know a lot of people but don’t have many real close friends. My own fault I’m bad at keeping up with people.

Last year at my birthday-party–like-thing I ended up sitting and trying to make small talk with people I don’t know much at all and felt like a total doof. I don’t know how I want this year to go. I’m having a party at the house and invited people that are our social crowd and I want them to have a good time and I want to have a good time, and I worry about the first part too much and don’t think about the second enough. Issue being that I don’t really know what I want. I’ll all up in the air again about everything.

Anyway. This year I want to knock out a year of school. I want to get down to 135 lbs. I want a boyfriend to go learn to dance with me. I want to get my grove back with kink. I want to start and finish my spirals tattoo. I want to do the Ring Photo that I have been talking about. I want to Co-Author a paper with Pepper. And I want to figure out how to be happy with my birthdays and not be so disappointed .

In honor of the fact that this is my last day as a 29 year old here is Tim McGraw:

I think I’ll take a moment, celebrate my age
The ending of an era and the turning of a page
Now it’s time to focus in on where I go from here
Lord have mercy on my next thirty years

Hey my next thirty years I’m gonna have some fun
Try to forget about all the crazy things I’ve done
Maybe now I’ve conquered all my adolescent fears
And I’ll do it better in my next thirty years

My next thirty years I’m gonna settle all the scores
Cry a little less, laugh a little more
Find a world of happiness without the hate and fear
Figure out just what I’m doing here
In my next thirty years

Oh my next thirty years, I’m gonna watch my weight
Eat a few more salads and not stay up so late
Drink a little lemonade and not so many beers
Maybe I’ll remember my next thirty years

My next thirty years will be the best years of my life
Raise a little family and hang out with my wife
Spend precious moments with the ones that I hold dear
Make up for lost time here, in my next thirty years
In my next thirty years

16th March 2009

11:00pm: Thank you to everyone who wrote me back about the reunion.
I’ve been crazy with school so I haven’t gotten a chance to write everyone back yet so . .

To all of you: Your right, I’m going. I’m going as the me I am. LOL God/Goddess/Someone save them!

crocodilegirl : yes lets hang out! My schedule sucks but I would love to hang out and shop and get sushi or something.

vatis: yep he called me trash, I was on my best behavior and everything!! I can’t wait to see you! Are you bringing your boys? I’m sorry I haven’t been down to see you guys.

missionista: I know a few of my friends went uber conservative but the rest seem to have mellowed into good people. :) and there are a few that I am looking forward to seeing. I’m sorry yours wasn’t fun.

juice_weasel: thank you :)

whynotkay: a friend of mine at work asked me if I was taking both my “boys” then said I should take the whole poly family and, if I could find them, some leather folks on leashes. :) cause I’m so cool I need an entire entourage!

not_a_nicegirl: thank you, guess we have both changed a bit :)

vflig: LOL thank you! I do have a sundress it has a dead poodle on it, 50’s style. And if I was going to this event tomorrow, I would wear it, mostly because I love it and it takes some looking at to see that the poodle is dead. I hope you had a great event weekend!

I wonder if they will have karaoke? heheh

10th March 2009

12:26pm: ramble
My high school reunion is coming up soon, 11th year because they missed the 10 year. I’m having mixed feelings about it. I don’t keep up with people very well so I haven’t been in contact with people from high school much at all, and I do feel guilty about that. I don’t really remember much about high school, I know that sounds odd but I don’t keep hold of the past. I have spent the last 5 years trying to be someone else, make a different life and let go of old things. It sounds much more Zen then it is. So I guess I’m going to go see people that I don’t really remember and feel bad that I don’t and maybe upset them because I don’t remember. This really isn’t me being lazy, that would be why I have a sink full of dishes. I really didn’t like who I was then and have spent time trying to be the person I want to be, but they will all remember me as that old person. And the few old friends who read my LJ will know a bit but not really that much. I haven’t seen Sarah since before her baby was born and he isn’t much of a “baby” anymore, I haven’t seen Merp who lives near my mom in years I think, I haven’t seen Mal, or Tamara or Michelle. The truth is I don’t think they could handle my life or even really want to know.

Then what me do I go as and can I be comfortable doing it? Do I go gothed up? It’s how I go to my work Christmas parties. Do I go buy a little sundress and some strappy heals? And look more normal? How do I balance who I was and who I am? What the hell do I do when I see my x-husbands cousin who I haven’t seen or spoken to in years, will she even want to talk to me? Will Mike Powers call me trash again like he did at Stina’s wedding? And what the hell was that about anyway! Am I trash? Is there some truth in that? What did I do to him that would make me trash? He knows nothing about me or my life, do they all think that? I had one ONE boyfriend in all of high school, we got married, anything that would make me trash happened after all that and they wouldn’t know it. They mostly got to miss the figuring it out me. So yes now I have two boyfriends, they know about each other, they are free to do what they want and I am committed to them, I don’t have any other lovers. I don’t want any others, for now, for reasons I don’t want to talk about but hopefully will change at some point soon.

So who am I now? I’m going to have braces, a fresh new tattoo and pink hair, I’ll still be in school, still not married, still no kids. I feel so far behind. They all remember me as a mouse, quite and stupid and just not even on the radar. Did anyone ever have a good high school experience? I guess I want to go because I will feel guilty about not going. And I guess I want the chance to show “them” that I am not that person and I’m look how cool and together I am now! But I don’t feel like I am. I still feel like that same nerd girl who no one would give the time of day too.

Time for school.

26th January 2009

6:55pm: Update-y-ish
School started today, I had 2 classes Econ for Managers and Variations in Human Sexuality.

I am now third on the wait list for Econ. But he thinks he can add all the wait list students. So I’m feeling good about that. Down side, it’s going to be a lot of math.

Variations seems like it should be cool, the prof is “openly gay” and funny, he talked about how “hooking up” with the TAs or Prof is inappropriate during the semester and if we find him rolling at the end of a weekend it is our job to tell him that we are in his Variations class and off limits. I want to hear was he has to say about Poly.

Sunday while I was hanging with Donna, the cold Pep has had finally hit me, so I was sick for the first day of school. I am so not happy about that. Pep drove me to school this morning so I wouldn’t have to take the bus.

15th January 2009

12:33pm: LOL

really i about pissed my pants!

14th January 2009

4:15pm: I feel like I should make a real update, but you get this instead.


Pep got me an espresso machine, I didn’t know I wanted one, actually I said that I didn’t. So he got one, that’s so Pep. Anyway I realized that I really like it and order a bunch of pods for it. Now I just have to keep stocked on Soy milk and life will be full of mochas! Pep also got me the infinity collar that I have been drooling over for a year or so now!

Ari got me the best calendar ; it’s by the same people who did the one he got me last year. I love them and everyone who comes into the house about dies when they see it. A few people have popped it off the wall to flip through it. Puppy also got me FANGS or we are going to get them after I get my braces on and off (more on that later!).

I got Pep a new epilady , Tannhauser and Killer bunnies and the journey to Jupiter

For my Puppy I got a Lensbaby and a bunch of Lilo and stitch books for his tattoo.

Pepper, Debby, Puppy and I went skiing. Ok THEY went skiing I sat in the lodge and got a massage. We stayed up at Ari’s moms place, made pot stickers and tacos, yes on the same night, and Lasagna on Saturday night. We played Crainum and Killer bunnies and the journey to Jupiter. No one wanted to play Scatagories with me, I have no idea why.

School starts back up on the 26th at the end of this semester I will have senior standing and hopefully should be able to get into classes a bit easier. I got in to 3 of the 4 I needed and the 4th I’m on the wait list for the 5th out of the 10 wait list seats. I have no idea if I’ll get in.

So braces, I can’t stand my bottom teeth any more. And Puppy deciding to get me fangs for Christmas pushed me into action. The fangs aren’t cheap and are made to fit over your lower teeth so if those change then the fangs will have to change. Since I’m going to change my bottom teeth anyway may as well do that first. I have an appointment on Wednesday the 28th to talk to them about braces vs invisalign, I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, we’ll see what they think I should do.

Also work is going to be real interesting in a few weeks. As soon as it all comes down I’ll post up about it. But it’s going to be uncomfortable. I’m just going to lay low for a few weeks until it all blows over. Yuck.

2nd December 2008

7:43pm: just cause
Your rainbow is shaded blue.


What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

25th November 2008

11:48am: ”catCollapse )

20th November 2008

5:25pm: update
Ok I haven’t posted in a long time so here is what’s going on:

I’m still in school :) I have about 2 ½ more years of it :(

I passed the Junior English Proficiency Essay Test (JEPET) the “JEPET is an essay examination. Students are given one and a half hours in which to construct a well-organized and developed expository essay on a given topic of general interest. Papers are evaluated for organization and content, as well as mechanics and sentence structure.” I didn’t think I would as it is a pencil and paper essay test and I’m dyslexic and, I thought, a bad writer. The topic was on whether or not we should hold kids back a grade. And it turns out that since I was held back I had something to write about. So why is this important: if you don’t pass the JEPET, rumor has it that about 40% don’t pass, you have to take another English class. Not really a big deal but a pain.

My weight has been poking around 137 lbs. or size 8 old navy Flirt cut jeans. 135 was my goal so I’m going to hang out at this weight for a bit see how it feels and maybe push down another 5. I tried on every bit of clothing I owned and send a bunch off to goodwill, there were some pants I could pull about 6 inches away from my waist/hips. I also tired on my wedding dress, yes I kept it, and yes it fits. . .I’m really temped to have it dry cleaned and wear it out to something. It was a Ren-faire dress, cream and gold. It’s really nice. Maybe I’ll make Ari take pictures of me in the park in it. LOL.

Pep and I are doing good. We have been doing scheduled date nights! It was kind of hard at first and now it seems to be working and helping us keep on track.

Ari and I are also doing great. There is some stuff going on there but that’s his story to tell. I will say that we are working on helping him feel more solid on his feet.

Pep Ari Debby and I went and talked at Sonoma State about Polyamory it was really fun, the audience thought we were from Mars and where just a tad bit confrontational. That may have been what made it so much fun. After we finished we drove to the good vibes in Berkeley and gave a poly 101. It was very good but not as much fun as the college.

”photo”Collapse )
Current Mood: amused

21st August 2008

10:34pm: Email To my Daddy:
Ok So i'm a bad daughter who cant seem to get her crap together and email or call her Daddy. I'm working on it.
That said, Pep and I got back from Mexico on (last) Thursday afternoon. We had a great time on our trip. In Cabo we got, what we are now referring to as, "Time-Shared". You know, where you get roped in and they try to do the hard sell thing, then give you gifts you cant use. After being "Time-Shared" we walked around the marina and where offered cheap-ass-silver-crap™ and Blow©. We did stop and have lunch in a little place that had “authentic” Mexican food and sushi.

After being "Time-Shared" we made a decision that on the next stop we would sign up for one of the Carnival Approved Outings™! So on the second stop we did a short ocean kayak trip to see La Bufadora http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDUDHi9M0rU&feature=related (not my video). This was actually very cool. On the way back to shore a pelican decided he didn’t want to be in the water any more so he climbed up on the guide’s kayak and refused to be dislodged from his perch. The guide took his new friend to some rocks where he wouldn’t be eaten by the local dogs. The guides called us into shore one at a time to help us get out of the water. Pep and I, in the same kayak, where drifting up to shore and where caught by a wave and rammed into the beach, where we were knocked over sideways and into the water. This particular set of kayaks is called the divorce kayaks by our guides. Guess we know why.

I start school on Tuesday. I’m taking a computer systems course because I couldn’t test out of it. Accounting 301, Statistics and Econ 101. It’s a full load and I’ll be working on Mondays. And doing a ass-load ® of homework on Fridays.

I am shipping Pepper of to Burning Man with Debbie tomorrow morning, and picking my Puppy up from BART tomorrow afternoon, then shipping Puppy back to his moms Tuesday night (after I freak out about school) or Wednesday afternoon.

I have next Sunday (the 31st) free if you would be interested in having your wayward daughter drive up to spend the afternoon with you.
I have attached a few pictures from the cruise.

Love you much
Bad-Daughter in San Francisco

17th July 2008

9:52pm: Practical Nonmonogamy Workshop with Jen and Pepper
Wednesday July 23rd, 8-10pm

Good Vibrations
603 Valencia Street (at 17th Street)
San Francisco

$25 if pre-registered, $30 for drop-ins

Please call 415-522-5460 during working hours to reserve a seat. Reservations can be cancelled without penalty any time before 3pm the day of the event. Seating at Good Vibrations is limited, and this event may sell out.

Whether you or a partner are thinking about opening up your relationship, or you've ever tried it and had it blow up, or you're making it work and would like some new tools, this workshop by Pepper and Jen will help you find your way.

In this workshop, we stay away from the ideology and focus on the practical day-to-day realities of negotiating nonmonogamy. We bring our own life experience in as examples of what to do or not do. We'll talk about the different forms nonmonogamy can take, managing jealousy, how to shift into an open relationship and much more.

Much of our workshop will be review for poly people who have five or more years of experience under their belt, but due to our heavily pragmatic approach, even long-term polyamorists will learn new things.

This will be the fifth time we've held this event, and we have gotten very positive feedback on previous iterations. Some people liked it so much that they came back for a second or third round. We do not have another such presentation scheduled, and it will be at least three months before we do this again.

To get an idea of our style, check out the online version of our handout:
9:40pm: Dear LJ-
Do I minor in Human Sexuality??
Its only an extra 6 classes!

6th July 2008

11:06pm: Weight
So for the last year or so I have been on a must-loose-weight kick.
I have gotten a bit crazy with it. I have worked my way through all of Buffy and most of Angel on an elliptical machine. I have been doing a low Cal, low (not no, just low) carb diet and gone almost veggie.

I’m working against a lot of factors, both of my meds can cause weight gain and my genetics lean to the heavier side.

I went in for my annual Dr’s appointment and they weighed me in. I asked the RN to look at my weight from the previous years and tell me what it was. 2 years ago it was 170, last year it was 160, this year it was 150. My goal is 135, it’s what I weighed when I got married 6-ish years ago, it’s a weight that looked good on me. I want to be 140 by the end of the year, you would think that 10 lbs is no problem but for me it is.

So self Hi-five and go team!
Current Mood: content
10:46pm: Tonight I’m flying.
I have done a bit of needle play before. You pop a 25 gauge in, cork it and pull it out a bit later. Tonight I had a play piercing put in that I’m going to try to keep in until the end of the day tomorrow.

How it works: you pop (no its not that easy) a 18 gauge medical needle in. then bead a thingy (right now I can’t remember what they are called) then you push that up through the hallow sharp end of the needle and pull the needle out leaving the jewelry in, put another bead on and turn the top of the wire over to secure it.

Yes it hurt. The needle going in and then popping out HURTS. When I was doing needle play with Ari he flew! And lost the filter between his brain and mouth. I don’t get the endorphin rush, I get pain. But its pretty and hard core. LOL pictures have been posted.

Pepper put the needle in, Ari took photos and held my hand (and the beaded bits). I laid there and whimpered. I’m not sure how I’m going to sleep with it in, but the longer I leave it the less it is bugging me.

Think of it has a right of passage for turning 29 on the 8th

PhotosCollapse )
Edit: so it was almost imposable to sleep with it in. not cause it hurt, but because it kept me awake. I would fall asleep for a bit then come wide awake again after half an hour or so. So at 3:30 last night I had Pep take it out for me. I didn’t want to but really I have nothing to prove, and I was only going to work today. Other then gross people out it wasn’t going to be appreciated. I did show my boss the photos today and she wants me do one on her when she comes to my birthday! I love my job!
Current Mood: high

18th March 2008

8:22pm: I had this amazing urge to have my boyfriend call my ex and tell him that I made him (the BF) dinner out of the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook and then gave him a blow job.
I am so not a house wife.

12th March 2008

11:10am: Daddy
If you read my stuff you know i get a lot of crazy emails from my dad. So now a crazy film clip from my dad!
The internet is a wonderful thing, the other night on YouTube I found parts of a film that my dad produced - The Reluctant Robot. It was produced to get kids interested in Astronomical Science.

The clip attached is in the middle of the film. When you get to the animated part- I am the baby crying.

This one had my uncle Bob as the delivery guy at the end.

11th March 2008

10:45pm: Accounting Geek Out.
An Accounting Geek Out over IM

A: how did studying/homework go?
J: finished, its another of those dumb ideas that managers like to come up with so that someone does a bunch of work to figure out and then no one ever does anything with it
J: its called Activity Based Costing and sounds like a great idea but mostly it sucks
A: totally, I'm sold already tell me more. How can implementing activity based costing benefit my company?
J: Well it can tell you exactly how much overhead (hard to identify costs) you should apply to each job you do, so film per job is easy but drinks bought to keep the girlfriend from killing you while holding your camera bag at the wedding is harder to allocate.
J: do you allocate it per roll of film? per wedding? per bridesmaid?
J: per wedding planner perhaps?
A: I allocate per bridesmaid's horrible dress that I have to look at :D
J: lol nope that is a different cost. that would be drinks bought to keep YOU from going crazy. This bucket is to keep the girlfriend from going crazy different cost, different allocation.
A: Drinks for the girlfriend could probably be written off as security measures
A: And that's why you are the accountant
J: if I ever have to write a paper for accounting I am going to expand on this.
A: LoL and after I read it, you will treat me to wine and hot tub to fix my broken brain, right?
J: LOL yep!
A: Woo
J: just wait until I set up your books!

4th March 2008

10:13pm: must see
this my not be work safe but its a must see!

WOO nerd girls!

9th February 2008

11:11am: sad posts
My friend posted this:
If I ever needed a reason not to go to Berkeley - http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/02/07/berkeley.protests/index.html?eref=rss_topstories.

This was my response:

I can see both sides on this one. If you don’t want to be in the armed forces don’t join. And if they instituted a Draft again I would demonstrate against that.
BUT it’s a federal program and the city and the state have no say in it, so they can’t ask them to leave. I can’t see how cutting funding to the city is a good response to protesters.

The other thing to remember is that the Army and Marines all recruit in poor black neighbor hoods where the can literally pick off kids that look desperate, tell them lies and ship them off. Yes some of them are getting a better life but some of them are just getting killed. You and I are never going to approached at the mall and have someone tell us that we have no job prospects and if we say living the way we do we’ll just end up dead. These kids know that but dragging them off to fight in some war isn’t a better option.

I don’t agree with this war. I think we would be better off putting that $$ into alternative energy resources research and development, education and social programs. I do think that sometimes war can be necessary but you shouldn’t be forced into joining the Army. My cousin was an intelligence officer with the Army and had a great job and did, well, spying, but he wanted to be there. And when his time was up he moved to Austin with his wife and kid and got a ‘real’ job with the skills he learned.

Yes we should be Free, yes we should be protected. But people are tired of us being in a country for oil because of some rich people who can’t deal with change. You don’t have to like it and you can be angry all you want, but I cried when Patrick from across the street joined the Marines, he isn’t going to be trained to do something like fly or learn Russian to listen to phone calls. He is going to be handed a gun and send out do ‘defend’ our country. Seems like a waste.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Sorry if this makes you mad, I’m sure people in your life are ‘out there’ too and I hope they all come home safe.

12th January 2008


Your Score: Seductive Vampire

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24th December 2007

9:18pm: the new year
I don’t really like Christmas, the stores get crazy, the days are short. You get all worked up about presents and get let down a bit. But the end of this year brings some changes in my life.

First I went back to school and finished finals on Dec 19th. I am only taking 2 classes next semester then transferring to SF State. They haven’t posted grades yet so I have no idea how it went. I had a 4.0 at midterm but I think finals knocked me down a bit.

At the munch in September I met 2 guys. One I went on about 4 dates with and after a bad evening I decided that I didn’t want to see him. I called him to say so and he went a bit nuts. He thinks I ended it in a ‘seething rage’ and ‘think the worst of him’ really I ended it very calmly and I don’t think bad of him at all accept of his inability to accept the break up right off. He is a nice guy, just a nice guy that I don’t really want to date.

The other guy I started seeing is wonderful. Ari and I have been together since September. He wasn’t poly but seems to be liking it. We stand almost nose to nose, he is just a bit taller. Its funny, he and Pepper are alike in a lot of ways and then very different. The only thing physically similar is their hair, really that’s it (long curly and blue). But Ari and I went to a party at a friends house and so many people walked up to us and said things like ‘Hi Jen! Hi Pep. . . oh wait. I don’t know you. . .’ It was all very cute and my friends and Ari handled it very well. I started calling him my puppy, he’s all bright eyed about everything, but really pragmatic and smart about so much. It seems like whenever we stand close to each other we need to touch, I have that with pepper too. It is just funny to see it happen with other people. Its so nice to be seeing someone who isn’t broken and can have a real relationship with out freaking out about it. Pep and Ari get along so well, and I know they aren’t just playing nice to appease me but that there really is comfort respect and friendship there. I don’t think I knew just how bad I needed this until he showed up in my life.

One of the girls I work with is really bad with names so she started calling Pepper “big blue”, Ari “little blue”, and a guy I have been seeing really casually “normal kilt boy”. I was working one day a week during the semester and then two days a week next semester.

Our company moved into a new office it is massive and really nice but it is in Richmond. There is a pool table and ping-pong. There will be a gym and showers soon. I really do like my job and the people I work with. I have a few stock options that have vested. I was looking at the stock prices online and could make a nice chunk of cash if I sold them out, I don’t know what all I want to do with that right now. I think I’ll just hang on and see what happens.

Pepper, Ari, Donna and I are all going to Disneyland in January. We are having Peps big birthday party sometime in February and some time in the spring Pep and I will take over a mini golf course or something and have everyone out to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. IF we can figure out how to do it so that it doesn’t seem like a wedding. Our real anniversary is on Jan 3rd, five years, we must be doing something right.

Other random stuff: My hair is now purple. I am down at about 145lbs, I want to be down another 15. I have 77 semester units as of the end of this semester. At 28 years of age I finally figured out how to ‘do’ eye shadow. I have watched to almost all of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV episodes, all while on the exercise machine, Angel is next. My gray cat is about 18lbs and black is 11 lbs. I hope next year is just as good.

23rd December 2007


The Five Love Languages

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Physical Touch and Quality Time.

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Physical Touch: 9
Quality Time: 9
Words of Affirmation: 7
Acts of Service: 3
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16th December 2007

5:17pm: snagged

What Is Your Daemon?

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<center><img src="http://images.quizilla.com/W/wolfcaroling/1112040096_resPicscat.jpg"><br/>CAT - your daemon may be a cat if you are independent and comfort loving. You follow your heart and do what you want to do - no matter what others think. You have a strong sense of your own worth, and an inner dignity. You may be loving and generous in one moment, and then lash out at someone in the next. You have as many moods as there are colours in a rainbow, and you wear them all brilliantly. You always know what you want right now - although in five minutes you may change your mind and set your sights elsewhere. You like to do things with style and flair. When someone else orders you to do something, do you feel an unholy urge to do exactly the opposite? That just might be your inner daemon talking.<br/>Take this <a target="quizilla" style="color:rgb(0,0,0)" href="http://quizilla.com/redirect.php?statsid=17&url=http://www.quizilla.com/users/wolfcaroling/quizzes/What+Is+Your+Daemon%3F">quiz</a>!<br/>

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Really is anyone surprised by this?

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13th December 2007

10:01pm: woot!
just cause i *had to*

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